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March 11, 2009


AccuTerm 2K2 5.3c-sp2 is ready!

AccuTerm 2K2 release 5.3c-sp2 is now available for purchase and upgrade! This Vista-ready release includes support for Print Adapters Scripts which allow you to customize processing of slave printer jobs using VBA scripting. Adapter scripts which integrate with Print Wizard are included. Using the Print Wizard adapter script enables you to print PCL-formatted reports and forms on almost any printer. Print Wizard also supports saving the print job as a PDF file, as well as built-in email and faxing capabilities.


This new release also includes several enhancements to the AccuTerm file transfer functions. Several new subroutines have been added to ease integration with MultiValue applications, and the data transfer utility, FTD, now supports user-defined field delimiters.


The new release adds support for new Office 2007 file formats, including Excel .xlsx and Access .accdb files. The new .xlsx format supports worksheets with more than 65000 rows, which was a limitation of earlier Excel file formats.


AccuTerm GUI programs now have type-ahead!


  (Recent News: 26/5/2009)
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