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Viságe GUI Application Development

A new era in multi value software design. !!!

If you are looking for a ‘go forward’ strategy to move your software development into the 21st Century, then you owe it to yourself to check out Viságe. Even if you just want to quickly add a "web gateway" to a small section of your existing applications, Viságe is the answer!

The result of over 9 years of R&D, Viságe is without peer in the multi-value market. It REALLY understands the multi-value data model (supporting over 100 levels of sub-sub-multi-values!), has REAL drag and drop dictionary integration, and allows you to leverage the proven business logic on your existing BASIC code.

Viságe is more than simply a 4GL - it is a total Application Development Framework that will allow you to turn your existing database designs into full fledged GUI applications that can be deployed over the intranet or Internet at a pace you simply will not believe, Oh! and the amount of code you DON’T have to write has a lot to do with this.

If you are interested, simply send us an email with your physical street address and we will send you out the test drive CD (there is over 600mb of ‘stuff’ on the CD), which included documentation, hours of multi-media material and step by step instructions on how you can get ahead with Viságe.

  (Recent News: 18/4/2009)
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