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D3 Database Products

mvSolutions is a registered VAR for TigerLogic products through our business partners TData.

The D3 DBMS embodies the best and most desired features for developers and users. It is simple in its structure but allows for complex definitions of data structures and program logic. The built-in development environment allows applications to be rapidly prototyped, developed, and modified on the spot. Custom applications and on-site enhancements are common in the D3 community. Everything required for development is already in D3, making D3 much more than a typical database environment. Site administration requires a fraction of the staff of other environments of the same size - a large proportion of sites running D3 do not have an IT staff.

D3 is developed and supported over the many environments. All code and data easily migrates between environments without modification, so both developers and users can work on their platforms of choice.

Other products from Raining Data include connectivity tools like FlashCONNECT for web, the D3 Class Libraries, the Open Systems File Interface for Oracle and other environments, and XML technologies to exchange data with other XML-compliant programs or environments.

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  (Recent News: 14/4/2009)
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